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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ came out of the shower. The water was running like little rivers down his chest and abs. He had a small towel wrapped around his waist, the bottom of the towel just covering his balls. His legs were strong and muscular out of the bottom of the towel.

Cody was still asleep, lying half on his side across the bed. His boner was resting on the covers. TJ walked up to him and grabbed a handful of Cody's balls and squeezed gently. Cody's eyes opened.

"Hey Cody, time to get up boy."

"Hiya TJ, how'd you sleep - how are your nuts feelin this mornin?"

TJ lifted the front of the towel and rubbed his nuts with his one hand. "They seem to be okay, still a bit swollen though."

Cody sat up on the bed and faced TJ. He took the towel off and buried his face in TJ's crotch, taking in the scent of his friend. That clean soapy smell mixed with the strong, musty smell of TJ's pubes. Cody put his hands on TJ's buns and pulled his closer.

TJ closed his eyes, he felt Cody's nose against his cock and it started to hit his friend on the chin as it lifted. He felt Cody's lips on his balls as they were gently kissed.

"Hey Buddy, let's go and get something to eat huh." TJ moved Cody's head away.

Cody stood up and TJ took his head and they kissed. Their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.

Cody showered and then walked to the window to look out. Ross was just getting out of the swimming pool. He was wearing narrow waist white lycra Speedo's which showed off his tan and the shape of his body. Cody looked at that magnificent muscular body as it got out. Ross was breathing hard and his stomach was going in and out with his breathing, his six pack clearly defined. Cody thought of the night before when he had his hands gliding over that pack of dynamite.

All the boys were at breakfast. Pesa, Maria's son, was serving breakfast. He was dressed in black jeans and white T-shirt. He also had a good athletic body, the jeans tight on his legs and his buns, riding slightly into his crack; and a nice bulge in front. The T-shirt hung over his pecs. When he stretched over the table his lats were clearly defined through the shirt and his stomach was flat.

Jody wasn't at breakfast.

"I think we need to get Jody into hospital." said Ethan, "He is still having trouble breathing properly."

Ross said that he would get hold of the doctor and arrange for Jody to be taken to the nearest hospital. "I don't want Jody's folks to start worrying just yet. Hopefully he can get better in a few days and join us back here. He is going to have a problem explaining to his folks about having an oversized cock all the way down his wind pipe."

The breakfast was huge. Maria was an excellent cook.

Ross shouted from the table, "Hey Pesa, you want to join us today?"

Pesa came into the dining room, "Yeah sure." He was beaming. He was pleased when all the boys arrived. Three months of Summer vac stuck on the estate was not his idea of fun.

"What have you got planned?" Cody asked.

"Well, we have a few off road bikes and a couple of quid racers in the garage. I thought we could go out riding."

Timmy jumped up, "That is way damn cool. I'm taking a quid."

TJ smiled, "I'm not sure if I should even put my crotch through that torture."

"Hey TJ, just take it easy, we're not going to rush." Ross got up from the table, "Right, but we can't go in these outfits." Ross pulled on the dressing gown he was wearing.

The boys clothes were all taken by Maria to be cleaned.

Everyone followed Ross to the guest dressing room. He pulled out a thong, "Here Cody, want to wear this?"

Cody grabbed the thong and pulled it on. It was just a waist band with a pouch for his cock and balls. He paraded for the gang and they cracked laughing.

Cody said, "Hey this is actually quite comfortable. I'll wear these under the shorts."

Each of them grabbed a pair of briefs and a pair of shorts.

Down in the garage Timmy got the crash helmets and they all put one on. Pesa had changed from his jeans into a pair of shorts. His legs were strong and muscular and the shorts were tight around his thighs.

Maria came running out of the house, "It's the boy upstairs. He has stopped breathing."

They all ran as fast as they could up to Jody's room. He was lying on the bed, not breathing.

"Get him on the floor." Cody shouted.

Once on the floor, Cody lifted Jody's head back and listed for any breathing. He felt for a pulse - the pulse was weak. Then Cody covered Jody's mouth with his and blew two deep breaths into him. He watched as Jody's chest expanded and then deflated. He blew again.

Everyone standing around was worried. Tears were running down Timmy's cheeks. Ross was scared.

Cody blew again and again the chest expanded and deflated.

"Fuckin breathe - for fuck sake." Cody pleaded.

He blew again. He watched as the chest deflated and then there was a slight rise in the chest and Jody coughed. He opened his eyes slightly. His breathing was very shallow.

"Hey Ross, when is that chopper comin to take Jody to hospital huh?" Cody asked.

"Should be here in a short while, we'd better wait for the doc." Ross said.

A half hour later, the chopper was in the air with Ross on board.

The boys started their trip slowly, most of them getting the feel of the bikes.

Timmy raced the quid over the rough road. He had been riding quid racers since he was a few years old. TJ joined Timmy and ignored the pain in his crotch - he loved quid racers. He had two of his own. He raced Timmy through the forest.

Stian seemed to be at home on the off road bike. He kept up with Ross and Ethan.

Pesa stayed back with Cody. Cody released the clutch - too fast - the bike shot out from under him and he ended up in the dirt, on his ass. He got on again.

Pesa was trying his best not to laugh. "Cody, you need to let the clutch out slowly."

"This thing?" said Cody, as the clutch slipped and the bike reared on to its back wheel and Cody landed back in the dirt.

He got up and kicked the bike. He screamed at the machinery lying on the ground, "I am gonna ride you if it fuckin kills me."

TJ and Timmy were speeding through the forest. Timmy was strong enough to manhandle the quid around tight corners. TJ was impressed with his riding. TJ himself had entered a few races and done quite well, but he had to use all his skill to keep up with Timmy.

Ross, Mark, Stian and Ethan were ramping over every small hill they found.

Cody and Pesa, bringing up the rear were starting to pick up speed. Cody watched as Pesa lifted the bike over a small hill and it seemed to take off and fly for a short distance. Cody accelerated and climbed the hill and lifted the front of the bike - too much. The bike came over backwards and Cody fell on his ass in the dirt, the bike landing a little way in front of him.

He got up and glared as Pesa came around to see if he was okay, "If ya fuckin laugh I'm gonna kill ya."

Pesa cracked, his stomach muscles contracting with each guffaw.

After an hours riding, they stopped at a small lake.

"This property is magnificent", TJ told Ross.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool. Timmy and I have had some really good times here."

Cody and Pesa arrived and Cody carefully got off of the bike. He was sore all over.

"What's the matter Cody?" Stian laughed.

TJ shouted, "Hey Cody, why don't you take off the saddle, then you can plug your ass on to the thing and you wont fall off."

Everyone cracked laughing, everyone except Cody.

Ross stripped off his shorts and briefs. His boy meat hung down over his balls, which hung low from his crotch. He ran and dived into the icy water.

The others joined him. Very soon, all of them were wrestling each other in the water. All of them were getting boners because of the physical action.

They split into pairs, with one guy on the others shoulders. The object was to be the last one still sitting.

Cody had Timmy on his shoulders and the feeling of Timmy's nuts in his neck and his boner up against the back of his head felt cool. Cody had his hands holding on to Timmy's thighs - he felt the strong muscles of the 13-year-old's legs. Ross had Pesa on his shoulders and Mark had Stian. TJ took Ethan on his shoulders.

The big fight was between Ross/Pesa and TJ/Ethan. Cody watched as the muscles bulged in TJ's arms as hey tried to control Ethen on his shoulders. Ross and Pesa ended up the winners, Pesa was much too strong for Ethan.

After a short rest, they climbed back on to the bikes and quids and made their way back to the house.

Cody managed to get back in one piece, after taking it very slow. He enjoyed riding the dirt bike.

Maria had prepared a huge lunch of burgers for the boys and it was demolished in no time.

After lunch, TJ took a walk and went into the gym. As he walked around the corner where the change room was he stopped. He heard a noise. He slowly peeked around the corner.