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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody and TJ joined the other boys down at the pool area.

"So, you guys want to go riding again or what?" Ross asked

"Yeah, I guess." said Stian

Timmy looked across at TJ, "Hey TJ, you wanna have a race with me again?" He laughed.

"Yeah, I'll get you today though." TJ smiled at Timmy

"Hey Pesa, you going to keep an eye on Cody?" Ross asked

Pesa smiled, "Yeah, he needs someone to keep an eye on him."

"OK look, I've got a few things to do around the house, so I'm not going to be with you guys on this trip. Just don't break anything okay. Okay Cody?" He laughed

Cody forced a smile, "Yeah, right!"

Ross watched as the group rode off. Cody seemed to be handling the bike a lot better. Timmy and TJ had already sped off ahead of the pack.

Ross walked into the kitchen, "Hi Maria."

"Are the boys all gone?" she asked.

Ross walked over to her and put his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. "Yeah, way gone."

Maria slowly lifted Ross' T-shirt over his head. Her hands gently caressed his smooth, muscled pecs. His nipples stood erect. He slowly undid the button at the top of her blouse and lifted it off. Then he undid her bra and it fell to the ground. He put his lips around her nipples and started to lick and suck them.

Her breathing got heavier. Her hands moved down into his shorts and she felt the already precum wet head of his cock which was as hard as a rock, standing to attention. Her hands started to stroke it, from his tight balls, up the length of his thick muscle. She felt his ab muscles react to her touch. She slowly slid his shorts down and his cock bounced back at a 45 degree angle.

She went down and took his cock in her mouth. Sucking it gently she felt it get thicker in her mouth.

TJ followed Timmy as he maneuvred the quid racer through the forest. Timmy was taking a different route to the one he had followed yesterday. TJ looked behind him. The rest of the group were nowhere to be seen.

Cody, Ethan, Pesa, Stian and Mark were riding along the narrow river, towards the lake where they had swum yesterday. The weather was perfect. Cody had got the hang of staying on the bike but the group were taking it a lot easier as well. TJ and Timmy were nowhere to be seen.

Ross arched his back as he slid his full length into Maria's tight pussy. It clamped around him and he felt shivers like electricity go through his body. She was moaning with pleasure as she felt him enter her. She watched his muscular body as he tightened his stomach muscles. Ross was only sixteen but he had been having sex since the age of 13, there were few girls in his grade that had not felt his thick cock inside of them. With his body and good looks he had them begging him to fuck them.

Maria's hands were all over his chest and abs and it sent more thrills through his body.

Timmy stopped under a small grove of trees and got off the racer. TJ pulled up next to him. "Hey Timmy, where the hell are we, shouldn't we have been with the group?"

Timmy smiled at TJ, "Hey TJ, remember when you were soaping me up in the shower? Well, I thought if we were alone, we could sort of have some fun together."

"What sort of fun?" TJ started to get worried.

Timmy got undressed. His boner was pointing right up his gut. TJ felt the stirring in his shorts. For a 13 year old, Timmy had a magnificent bod, well developed pecs, strong swimmer shoulders, narrow waist and strong legs.

"C'mon TJ, take your clothes off"

TJ hesitated. Timmy walked up to him and put his hands into TJ's shorts. His small hands wrapped around TJ's boner and started to stroke him. TJ desperately wanted to tell him to stop but it felt so damn good and his knees felt like they were going to give in. He looked down at the glisten of precum on the head of Timmy's cut cock. His hand moved down to it. Timmy drew a deep breath as he felt TJ's fingers on his cock head.

Timmy pulled TJ's shorts down. "Hey TJ, let's lie down and jack each other off huh."

TJ lay down. "Take you shirt off TJ."

TJ took his shirt off. The two naked teens lay down on the grass next to each other. Timmy took TJ's monster boner in his hand - it looked huge in Timmy's hand. TJ gently wrapped his hand around Timmy's boner and started to stroke him.

Ross felt the rush inside of him. He arched back and pushed his cock in as deep as it would go. His juice released like an avalanche inside of Maria. She cried out as she felt his cock get thicker and harder inside of her. She felt the warm rush ot Ross' juice. He was as good as any man she had ever had. No, he was better than any man she had ever had. The young boys always were better at sex.

The five boys wrestled in the water. Hot, muscular teens enjoying themselves.

"Wonder what happened to TJ and Timmy," asked Cody

"They probably went up on to the mountain track." said Pesa

Ethan got out of the water first. He stood on the bank and put his hands on his hips. His cock was pointing skywards. Cody swam towards the bank and then felt the warm flow on his head. He looked up and got a face full of warm piss. It was flowing in a long arch from Ethan's cock and was landing on Cody.

"What the fuck you doin?" shouted Cody as he ducked under the water.

Ethan held his piss in. As Cody surfaced he let go and more piss landed on Cody's head.

Cody ran up the bank and tackled Ethan to the ground. Ethan was laughing so much he offered no resistance. Cody straddled him and put his knees on his arms.

"Oh fuck Cody, that's sore."

"What the fuck didya piss on me for?"

"Hey I didn't know you were gonna come out of the water right there."

"But then you just carried on doin it, you little jerk."

Cody's cock was getting harder and harder as he straddled Ethan's chest, his balls resting between his pecs.

Ethan saw Cody's boner growing. "So, you going to piss on me now? huh?"

Cody thought about it. He did have a piss on board anyway. Ethan saw the smile on Cody's lips. Cody slid down so that his boner was resting on Ethan's stomach.

Ethan felt the warm liquid between his and Cody's bod. He pushed Cody off of him, the piss still streaming from Cody's cock. "I made a fucking mistake okay?"

Cody started laughing, his piss going all over the place.

As his piss subsided, Ethan walked over to him and pushed him against his chest with both hands. "Who's the fuckin jerk then?"

"Hey, Ethan, if you want a fuckin fight, you'll get one."

Ethan grabbed Cody and wrestled him to the ground. He tried to wrap his legs around Cody in a scissor grip but Cody was too quick for him. Cody turned around and his fist flew, connecting Ethan on the cheek, below the eye. Ethan dived on top of him. Cody was on his stomach and Ethan held his hands down.

Ethan was bigger than Cody and Cody felt helpless having him lay on his back.

Then Cody felt something else. Ethan's hard cock was resting in his crack and he felt Ethan moving it backwards and forwards, very gently. Ethan was breathing heavily in his back as he was holding him down.

Mark grabbed Ethan and pulled him off of Cody. "What's got into you guys. Jeez, we've only been here like one full day and you guys are fighting already."

Cody stood up and dusted the dirt off his his chest and stomach. His cock head was caked with muddy sand where it had mixed with his precum. He looked at Ethan and thought he saw a smile across Ethan's lips. He noticed that the precum was dripping from Ethan's cock.

"I'm gonna shoot TJ." shouted Timmy. TJ felt the 13 year old boner start to bounce around in his hand. Timmy let TJ's cock go and grabbed TJ's hand with both of his and moved it faster up and down his cock. Then he erupted over his stomach and TJ's hand. Timmy's juice was not as thick as any he'd seen, it was also almost transparent. Timmy screamed as his juice ejected from his cock. His tight body arched as he tried to push his cock further into TJ's hand. Then he relaxed and just lay there.

"Fuckin awesome," he whispered

"Huh?" asked TJ

"That was fuckin awesome."

"Timmy, is that the first time someone else has jacked you off?"

"Yeah." Timmy's cock didn't subside completely, it just sort of lifted slighly from him in a semi boner.

TJ watched as Timmy closed his eyes. He was obviously enjoying the experience he just had. TJ lay back and smiled, he could remember the first time he was jacked off by someone else, it was with Mark. The two of them decided to do it for kicks, to see what it was like.

"Hey Timmy, shouldn't we be getting back?"

"No, I need to do you first." said Timmy and rolled on to his side, next to TJ. "Close your eyes TJ."

TJ closed his eyes and he felt Timmy's fist closing around his cock. He was gentle as he stroked TJ's boner. Then TJ felt something warm and wet on his cockhead. He looked down. Timmy had TJ's cockhead in his mouth. He quickly sat up, pulling his cock out of Timmy's mouth.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I just wanted to er ....." Tears started to well up in Timmy's eyes.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Timmy?" TJ was almost screaming at him.

Timmy screamed back it him, "It's nothing okay. It's just that when I had to suck Ross in the dungeon it didn't seem so bad and I wanted to see if you tasted different."

TJ fell back on his back, "Oh fuck," he thought. He tried to think of the first time he blew someone. That great feeling of having someone's cock in your mouth. He must have been Timmy's age when he sucked Mark for the first time. He smiled to himself, "Ross would freak if he knew."

"Hey Timmy, I hope you're not going to start sucking every cock you see now." TJ laughed. He leaned back on his arms. Timmy giggled as he grabbed TJ's boner - his tongue rattling around it as he giggled. TJ closed his eyes and Timmy gently started to suck his cock head.

Cody sat on the bank of the lake, Stian came and sat down beside him. "I see Ethan gets a big woody when he fights with you."

Cody smiled, "Yeah, I saw it."

"I see you get a big woody too."

"I couldn't help it, my cock was stuck in the sand."

They watched as Pesa knelt at the bank and scooped up some water, a little way from them.

Stian looked at him, "Now that Mexican boy - he is pretty hunky huh?"

Cody studied Pesa. He had an olive complexion. His body was perfectly in proportion. Seeing him from the side, you could see the lines from the pecs, curve in to his flat stomach. His thick, long meat was hanging over his low hanging balls.

"Yeah." sighed Cody

"Hey Timmy, I'm going to shoot." TJ was just too late. As he spoke, his juice erupted into Timmy's face. Timmy was in the process of pulling away when the first eruption hit him. He turned to TJ, his face covered in cum and smiled.

TJ laughed.

Ross got out of the shower. Maria was waiting for him. She took the towel and started to dry him. He felt the electricity through his body as her hand gently guided the towel across his pecs and down his abs. She could feel his stomach tighten under her touch. She wrapped the towel around his cock and gently stroked it. Ross felt his balls lift into his crotch.

He turned around and he felt the towel cruise up his crack and it was a strange feeling that erupted inside him. The towel wrapped around his legs. He felt Maria's hands as the gently dried each of his legs. She made sure that she touched his balls on each stroke up.

She put her hand around the base of his rock hard cock and licked the precum off of the head with her tongue.

Cody kept watching Pesa. He was laying on his back in the sun, his cock was laying across his stomach to one side. It was thick and smooth, even in it's limp state. His balls rested down in his crotch. The perspiration ran down the lines formed by his stomach muscles and his olive skin shone in the sunhine. Cody watched as his stomach lifted and fell with his breathing.

"Hey Cody, want to swim?" It was Ethan.

"Yeah, why not?"

They dived into the clear water and swam out into the middle. The water felt cool on their skin.

"Hey Cody, you enjoyed that huh?"

"Enjoyed what?"

Ethan laughed, "Having my cock riding your crack."

"What the fuck are you going on about?"

"I remember when Mark had his cock up your ass in that dungeon. I was wondering what it must feel like."

Cody turned to Ethan, "Hey, you ever been with a guy?"

"Before the dungeon? Nah."

"Jake nearly ripped your fuckin ass apart in there."

"Yeah, he did but I was just wondering what it would be like the other way around, like if my cock was in your ass."

"Well keep wonderin cos you're not gonna get the chance."

Ethan smiled, "Hey, it's not like you're gonna become gay or anything. I mean fuck, I would love to be blown by a guy, just to see what its like, you know."

"You might like it too much. I'm heading back." Cody started to swim back to shore. Ethan caught up with him and pulled his arm.

"Hey, Mr. Almighty. Tell me seriously, how does this feel?" Cody felt Ethans hand around his cock.

Cody slowly slipped his hand around Ethan's balls and felt them lift as he touched them. Ethan closed his eyes.

"That feels soooooo fucking radical." Ethan whispered.

Cody started to stroke him faster. He could see Ethan's body shaking from excitement. Cody put both hands around Ethan's cock and carried on stroking him.

"Tell me when you're gonna cum." whispered Cody.

After a short while Ethan whispered, "It's gonna blow, oh fuck, it's gonna blow."

Cody ducked down under the water and wrapped his lips around Ethan's cock. He could see the trail of precum in the water. He grabbed Ethan's butt and pulled him in. He felt the cock lift in his mouth and he sucked as hard as he could. The explosion was enormous. Cody felt the rush of juice hit his throat. He started to gag as he swallowed. He felt Ethan's hands grab his head and he felt the cock go even deeper in his mouth. He felt himself retch. He had to push Ethan away to free himself.

His head surfaced and he looked at Ethan.

"Are you fucking crazy, you almost drowned me."

Ethan smiled, "That was the most unreal fucking thing I ever felt in my whole life. Next thing I need to do is fuck you."

Cody started to swim away, "Go fuck yourself Ethan."

Cody arrived as TJ and Timmy came up on the racers.

Stian got up, "Hey TJ what happened to you and Timmy."

"We rode up into the mountains." said Timmy, before TJ could say anything.

"Yeah, it was great up there. We should all maybe go sometime." TJ said, not sounding very convincing.

Pesa pointed to TJ's shorts, "Hey TJ, didn't make it in time huh?"

TJ looked down at the wet spot on his shorts. It was precum. Timmy had got him so worked up that it was still running. He had to ask Timmy to stop blowing him with a weak excuse that his nuts were still tender. But Timmy then just lay there stroking it for ages.

After TJ and Timmy had finished swimming, the boys put their shorts back on and took a slow ride back to the house.

Ross was laying naked at the pool, tanning. He was on his stomach, his balls were pushing out between his legs. He stood up when he heard the racers and the bikes coming back.

"Working hard Ross?" Pesa asked.

Ross smiled at him.

Maria came out of the house with a jug of fresh fruit juice. Pesa glared at her. She pretended that she never saw him.

Pesa followed Maria back into the house. "Mama, we need to talk."

"I'm busy Pesa."

He grabbed her arm, "We need to talk now!"

She turned around to face him. "What?"

"You and Ross. It has to stop."

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean mama. It's not right. He is the same age as me and he's making love to my mother. And you work for his father."

"Ross is a big boy and I am a big girl. And you must stop trying to lead my life for me. It's been hard raising you on my own."

"What has that got to do with anything? Do you love him? I don't think so. You're being like a slut!"

Maria's hand slapped Pesa and the sound echoed through the house. She glared at him, "Don't you ever say anything like that to me again."

"Two can play at this game mama." Pesa stormed out of the kitchen.

After lunch, Mark, Stian, Ethan and Ross decided to play tennis. Cody and TJ decided to go to the gym. Timmy was going to get on to the internet and chat to friends.

Cody and TJ watched the first set of the tennis before going into the gym. Ross was one of those annoying people who was good at all sports.

Cody and TJ went to the free weights. TJ watched as Cody's biceps formed perfect round balls as he did curls. From the free weights they went to the abs section. Cody watched as TJ started doing ab crunches. He felt the stirring in his shorts as he watched every muscle in TJ's stomach contract as he crunched forward.

"Lookin good TJ."

They continued in the gym for two hours.

"Let's hit the sauna Cody." TJ stripped down and wrapped a towel around his waist. Cody joined him.

The interior of the sauna was stifling. Cody felt the perspiration start running down his body as soon as he stepped inside.

TJ sat on the bench, his body already soaked with perspiration. He was sitting on the towel. Cody watched as the rivers of sweat ran down from his neck, between his pecs. Down his abs, finding the route between the hard ab muscules. Into his pubes and then along his cock, forming big drops on his cockhead and then running off. Some sweat cruised through his pubes and down on to his nuts and on to the towel.

Cody stood on front of him and then, using both hands, massaged the perspiration into TJ's chest and shoulders. His hands moved slowly down across TJ's stomach and then he grabbed his cock, soaked in perspiration.

"Mmmm, the doc said I should get some more salt in my diet." Cody smiled.

TJ relaxed back. He was buggered from the workout. Cody could do what he liked. He felt Cody's hands slide up and down his sweat soaked cock. Then he felt the lips wrap around the head. His cock was already almost rock hard. He watched as Cody's head moved backwards and forwards. He felt like he was in heaven.

"Hey TJ, lay down huh."

TJ lay down on his back, the perspiration now like a torrent off of him. Cody straddled him and the perspiration dripped off of Cody on to him. Cody's cock looked like it was bathed in oil from all the sweat.

He felt as Cody reached behind himself and grabbed TJ's cock. Slowly, he lowered himself down on to it. It slid into Cody's tight, sweaty butt with ease. He closed his eyes and relaxed as Cody started to move up and down on his throbbing boner. He felt as Cody's ass muscles tightened each time he came down.

Very soon he found himself moving his hips up and down to try and fuck Cody's ass.

Cody stopped moving and slid all the way down on to TJ's cock. It was buried deep inside of him. Cody could feel as the monster cock pulsated inside of him. He tightened his ass muscles.

TJ smiled at him, "I reckon we should stay like this forever. This feel so fucking good, me buried in you."

Cody leaned forward and kissed TJ, their tongues doing a quick dance. "I wish we could." He smiled at TJ.

They lay like that for a long time. Their perspiration running off of them. Cody's erection was buried between the two of them and TJ's hard cock buried deep in his butt.

Cody tightened his ass muscles and started to play with TJ's balls, they felt hard and wet - two perfect balls in one bag.

TJ groaned and Cody felt as his cock started jumping inside his crack. He felt the powerful rush as the juice left TJ's cock and entered him. He lay like that and enjoyed the sensation.

Cody giggled to himself, "Good, another load that the girls can't get their pussies on. hehehe."

Timmy sat at the PC. He was in one of the chat rooms chatting to his friends on the internet.

"Don't say a word, don't turn around. Stand up slowly."

Timmy looked at the reflection in his PC screen and his whole body went ice cold. Even without the PC screen, he didn't need to turn around. He recognised the voice but had never heard it with so much hate before. It was Daniel. He slowly stood up.

"I thought you guys went back to town." Timmy whispered.

"Don't fuck with me, you know we were all tied up."

"What are you gonna do?"

Daniel bent down and whispered in Timmy's ear, the hate in his voice sent cold shivers through Timmy's body. "We want TJ Elliott. He's going to die."