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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Daniel bent down and whispered in Timmy's ear, the hate in his voice sent cold shivers through Timmy's body. "We want TJ Elliott. He's going to die."

Cody and TJ came out of the gym looking all fresh and relaxed after showering. The other guys were sitting around the pool drinking juice.

"Hey Cody, looks like you won the prize." Mark said.

Cody had a big smile on his face.

"About the only prize you're going to win, hey Cody." Ross had to get his bit in.

"So, what's your prize Ross? An evenin with Mrs. Palm and her five daughters? huh?" Cody retorted.

Everyone laughed. Ross forced a laugh. "Well, it wont be your hand - I can tell you that."

Cody just smiled and sat down. He lifted the jug and took a huge gulp of juice, some of it dribbled on to his chest.

Ross shook his head. "Tell me Cody, are all South Africans so fucking uncivilized?"

Cody took another gulp of juice, "Want to come and educate me?"

"Hey guys, let up. This is heading nowhere." Mark butted in.

Cody was lifting the jug for the third time and Ross grabbed it out of his hand. "Do you want me to educate you?"

Cody smiled at him, "You couldn't. You're a spoilt fuckin rich kid - you never learnt anythin - you bought everythin."

TJ looked at Cody, he was goading Ross and looking for a fight. This time he thinks Cody should just be taught a lesson.

"I'll teach you some table manners, alien!" He lifted the jug with the left over juice and emptied it over Cody's head.

Cody stood up and faced him. Cody's face was in line with the top of Ross' chest.

"What are you going to do about that, eh Cody alien?"

Cody's fist hammered into Ross' stomach. It was like hitting a brick wall. Ross took a step back and his fist flew, catching Cody in the bread box.

"Ohhhhhh!" Cody bent over double as the wind was knocked out of him.

Ross lifted him up by his hair. Cody tried to hit him but Ross stepped out of the way. Cody felt the second punch from Ross - in the same place. He threw his fist again and again Ross sidestepped him. This time Ross took up a karate stance and too late Cody saw his leg bend and shoot out. It caught him in the chest and sent him flying backwards. He hit the ground on his back and slid a few inches.

He got up, slowly. He turned and faced Ross. Tears were streaming down his face. TJ wanted so desperately to stop it, but he knew that Cody would be pissed if he did.

"You had enough you fucking little nerd?" Ross said through clenched teeth.

Cody came towards him.

"Lay down Cody, you're gonna get hurt." Ross said to him.

Cody's fist flew out and caught Ross on the jaw. He hadn't been expecting it. His head snapped back and blood started running from a cut on his lip.

First his left fist and then his right, hit Cody - his head snapping one way and then the other. The kick sent him backwards but he managed to stay standing. The second kick sent him flying into the swimming pool.

Ross stood there, wiping the blood of of his lip.

The others watched as Cody floated face down in the pool. The first one to react was TJ, when he realised that Cody was unconscious. He dived into the pool and turned Cody over. Pesa jumped in and helped him lift Cody while Mark and Stian took him out of the water.

Cody slowly recovered and opened his eyes, "What happened?"

Pesa glared at Ross.

"What the fuck you staring at? Who started this fucking thing?"

TJ stood up, "Hey Ross, do you have to go so crazy with everything you do huh? Was it necessary to go that far? Are you so fucking scared of losing?"

"I've never been scared in my life. And definitely not of him." he pointed at Cody.

The fight had spoilt the atmosphere and everyone split off to go to their rooms.

Stian and Mark got undressed and laid next to each other, head to toe and immediately started to suck each other. Mark enjoyed sucking Stian's uncut cock. Stian sat up.

"Hey Mark, fuck me."

Stian went on his hands and knees on the bed. Mark looked at his pink hole. He put a generous helping of spit on his hand and started to work it into Stian's crack. He could feel Stian's prostate as his finger went in deep. He felt the ass muscles tighten around his finger. With his other hand he massaged his own precum down his length. He was looking forward to this.

He went behind Stian and with his one hand pushed his boner so his head was just in line with Stian's hole. He grabbed Stian's hips and slowly pushed his hips forward.

Stian gasped as he felt Mark's hard cock going into his ass.

"Hey Stian, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Stian could feel the pain. Mark's cock felt huge inside of him. He felt when Mark was all the way in - the nuts up against his crotch. He held his breath as he felt the monster slowly slide out, hesitate and then start sliding in.

Marks hands tightened around Stian's waist. His waist felt hard and muscular. As he slid his cock in again.

Mark slowly leaned more forward and wrapped his arms around Stian's waist. Stian felt the muscular arms around his waist and the one hand start gliding over his stomach, while the other grabbed his boner and started to stroke it. His foreskin making a sucking noise as it slid backwards and forwards over his cockhead.

Mark's balls were slapping Stian's crotch now as he started to fuck him faster and faster. His hand was gliding faster over Stian's boner.

Cody lay down on the bed, half on his side. He had wrapped a towel around him. TJ sat next to him.

"Hey Code, you okay?"


"You sure?"


TJ put his hand around Cody and on to his stomach. He felt Cody wince, he was obviously pretty bruised. "Ross gave you quite a beating huh?"


"You're probably feeling all embarrased now huh?"


TJ giggled, "But that's not going to stop you, huh?"


TJ felt Cody's stomach muscles tighten under his hand as he giggled.

"Hey Cody?"


"I loveya buddy."

"I know." whispered Cody.

Ethan lifted his hips up just as he was about to shoot his load. His hand worked like a piston over his hard cock. The load left his cock and shot across his stomach and lay like a stripe of thick mayo from his chest to his belly button. A thick trail of white cum hung from his cock and over his hand.

Mark cried out as he felt his cock lift inside of Stian. Stian tightened his ass as tight as he could. He felt the cock thicken and lift inside of him and then he felt the first rush, then the second, then the third.

Mark pulled his hips to get his cock as deep as possible as the last load left him. He stayed like that for a short while, as the final gasps of his cock shot out the last dregs of boy juice.

He slowly pulled his cock out and then turned Stian over on to his back. His legs were pulled up and apart. His cock and balls were nicely exposed. Mark wrapped his tongue around Stian's balls, from his crotch to the base of his cock. Mark looked along Stian's body to his head. His stomach was pulled flat and his chest looked well developed. Mark moved his head so he could get Stian's cock into his mouth. Slowly, inch by inch, he sucked him in.

TJ was snuggled tightly into Cody's back, his hand wrapped over his friend. Cody was fast asleep.

"Hello?" Pesa answered the telephone.

"Ross? It's for you."

Ross picked up the telephone at the pool and spoke into it.

TJ lifted his head as the door opened, it was Ross.

"Daniel was on the phone. They managed to untie themselves from the tree. They're here and they've got Timmy."

"Where here?"

"I don't know. They're going to call back. I had to speak to you first though."

"Me? Why?"

Cody was starting to wake up.

"They'll do a trade, Timmy for you."

"What do they want me for?"

"They say that you were the cause of their trouble. They say that you're gonna die."

TJ smiled, "And you want me to just hand myself over to those creeps?"

"Either that, or Timmy dies."

They all gathered in the main den.

"We must have a plan. I don't think TJ must just hand himself over." Cody looked around at everyone.

"I agree." said Pesa

The others nodded their agreement, including Ross.

Ross looked at TJ, "The big problem is that we don't know where they are. We don't have a clue of the area that we're supposed to making a plan around."

The telephone rang and everyone jumped. Ross lifted the receiver.

He held it out to TJ, "It's Daniel."


Daniel's voice was clear over the phone. "I think we need to carry on where we left off a couple of days ago TJ, what do you say? How are you nuts feeling? Up to a bit more ball bashing heh?" He cackled on the phone.

"What's the deal Daniel?"

"No deal, You come naked, hear me? NAKED! Up past the lake, there is a dirt road, heading up the mountain. Half way up you will see a path leading off, next to a small river waterfall. You will go there. Once we have you at a safe place, we will send Timmy home."

"How do we know we can trust you."

"hehehehe You can't trust me. That is the chance you're gonna take. And oh, by the way, Jake is waiting for you. hahahahaha"

The phone went dead.