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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ explained the conversation.

"I know exactly where that is. Timmy and I used to go riding up there." said Ross.

Cody sat on the bed looking at TJ.

TJ was busy getting undressed.

"Why don't we just leave huh? Why can't we just go back to Bowling Green?"

"'cos they will find us there too Cody. And anyway, I can't leave Timmy up there with them."

"I know, I'm just scared that's all."

TJ stood in front of Cody, his cock in Cody's face. He gently lifted Cody up.

"Hey buddy, I'm not planning to get myself killed."

They hugged each other.

"Okay, we're going to let you get ahead and follow. We're going to have to take the last bit on foot or they are going to hear the bikes." Ross explained to TJ.

TJ climbed on the off-roader. He kick started it and it roared into life.

He looked back at the group and then put the bike into gear and headed towards the mountain road.

The rest of the group got on to their bikes and after a short while went in the same direction.

TJ felt the cold wind biting into his naked skin as he carefuly maneuvred the bike up the dirt road, towards the waterfall.

He got to the sign that Daniel and Ross had described and stopped the bike.

"Put your hands over your head." It was Daniel's father.

TJ did as he was told. Then he saw Daniel's father come out from some trees. He was carrying a pistol in his hand.

He was about twenty yards from TJ when TJ saw the flash and heard the shot go off.

He felt the burning in his stomach and looked down. It was a dart.

His legs collapsed under him and he started losing all feeling to his muscles.

Daniel's father laughed as he came closer, "It's the same darts they use when animal hunting. It should keep you paralysed for a short while. Of course, if we made the dosage too strong, your heart could stop and you're gonna die. But don't worry about that, you're gonna die anyway."

TJ couldn't move. He could move his lower jaw slightly. He saw the boots in front of his face, behind them, three other pairs of boots came towards him.

He tried to move his arms and legs but there was no response. He felt two hands under his armpits. He was being lifted. It was Zack. Zack picked him up and lifted him over his shoulders, like he was a lightweight. All TJ could see was the back of Zack's shirt as he felt himself being bounced along while Zack was walking.

Ross lifted his hand as he stopped the bike. The other guys came up and stopped next to him.

"Okay, we're gonna have to move our ass. We are about a half mile away from the waterfall."

They pushed the bikes in amongst a grove of bushes and made sure that they could not be seen from the road.

Ross started off on a slow run and the others followed behind him. They were all pretty fit. Cody felt sore from the beating that Ross had given him, but he managed to keep up.

TJ felt himself falling. He hit the ground hard, as Zack threw him off of his shoulder.

Daniel giggled, "hehehe Just look at the useless price now huh." He poked TJ's nuts with a stick that he had in his hand. "Gonna have to get those back up to size."

TJ could feel as Daniel prodded him with the stick. His balls re-acted - they were still tender enough from the last beating that Daniel had given them.

Footballer 3 stood over TJ and pulled his cock out of his jeans. "Hey, this dude is filthy man. He needs a good hose down."

A long stream of yellow piss left his piss hole and he sprayed it all over TJ. From his head to his feet. Zack and Daniel came and stood next to him and did the same.

TJ was covered in piss, his skin shiny. There was nothing he could do. He just lay there, paralysed.

Daniel's dad walked over to them. "String him up."

TJ's arms were pulled up above his head and his wrists tied together. He felt the rope on his wrists being pulled tight as the other end was pulled and he was lifted. He was pulled until his feet were just off the ground. It felt like his arms were going to pull out of their sockets.

"I wish he could feel the pain." said Daniel.

"Oh, he can feel the pain alright," said Daniel's dad, "There is just fuck all that he can do about it." He laughed and swung around, hitting TJ in the gut, sending him swinging on his rope pendulum.

TJ felt an explosion inside his stomach as the first connected. He tried to kick and scream but his muscles wouldn't react. He just hung there, staring ahead.

As TJ swung back Zack swung his fist and sent it hard into TJ's stomach. TJ felt like screaming from the pain but he hung there like a rag doll. As he swung back he saw Zack get ready to hit him again. He waited for it. His stomach felt like a steamroller had been over it as the fist hit him again.

Daniel whispered something in Zack's ear.

Zack smiled, "What a brilliant fuckin idea."

Zack pulled a small box up behind TJ. He dropped his jeans. Daniel giggled as he stroke Zack's cock to his full, thick, giant length.

Daniel stood in front of TJ and held his hips, aiming him towards Zack.

TJ felt the head of Zack's cock at his crack.

"hehehe Okay, I'm ready." Zack giggled.

Daniel fisted TJ in the stomach again. He felt himself swing back and he felt Zack's cock drill into him. It was dry and painful. As he started to slip out, Daniel hit him again. "Get back on that thing." he giggled.

"Hey Daniel, you dont have to smack him no more."

"Thank you Zack." thought TJ.

Zack smiled, "Just use his handle."

Daniel grabbed TJ by his nuts and swung him backwards, on to Zack's cock. TJ felt the shooting firey pain start at his groin and shoot up his gut into his chest and throat. He couldn't scream - he needed to scream.

The waterfall was loud as the group arrived.

Ross held his finger to his lips and pointed to TJ's bike which ahd been thrown into the bushes.

Cody came up to him, "Which way would they have gone?" he whispered.

"There's an old house, down in the valley between those two peaks," Ross pointed to the two mountain peaks, "They must be down there. The place has been deserted for years"

Ross signalled for them all to come closer to him. "Okay, listen up. Stian, you and Mark give us about a ten minute start and then follow, just in case we run into some trouble on the way. There's no point all of us getting nailed. Cody, Pesa and myself will follow the main path down the valley."

"Get the kid." Daniel's father said to footballer 3.

Zack stood behind TJ, his cock still buried deep into him. "Guess what we're gonna do now?" Zack whispered into his ear.

TJ just stared blankly ahead - his whole body was on fire and in pain.

"We're gonna plug little Timmy full of the stuff that you've got inside you and then we're gonna take him outside. I'm gonna rape his little ass until the cum shoots outta his mouth. And then...." he started to giggle like a maniac, "Then I'm gonna break his neck, like a twig - while I'm still buried in his ass - hehehehe."

Footballer 3 brought Timmy into the room. He had a hood over his head. He was butt naked. Daniel's dad came towards him with a syringe. He pulled Timmy's arm up and stuck the needle into it.

TJ heard Timmy give a small cry as the needle went in.

They left him standing in the middle of the room. As his legs started to give way under him, they all started to laugh. Timmy sagged to the floor.

Daniel pulled the hood off of his face. Timmy saw TJ hanging in the room by his wrists. He tried to stand but his body wouldn't work.

Zack pulled his cock out of TJ's ass and walked over to where Timmy was lying. His cock was dripping precum. He stood over Timmy and let some of it drop on to the boy's face. He giggled.

He bent down and picked Timmy up like he was nothing and put him over his shoulder. He walked out of the door.

TJ felt a cramp in his shoulder muscle from being in that position for so long.

"A cramp?" he thought to himself. "This stuff must be wearing off. I can actually feel my shoulder cramping."

But it was not relief. Bit my bit he started to feel even more pain as his muscles started to react. He dare not move, in case they try and inject more of the sedative into him.

Zack went across to a horse corral. He held Timmy up by his ankles facing him. He lifted him so that his cock and balls were at face height. Zack opened his mouth wide and put the cock and balls in his mouth. His tongue roughly sucked Timmy's balls. Timmy felt the pain but could do nothing, not even cry.

"You taste good boy." said Zack.

Then he drapped Timmy over one of the fence poles, one his stomach. His ass was at the same height as Zack's cock. "I'm gonna be gentle with ya boy. Cos I want to enjoy this."

He took some of the precum from his cock head and massaged it into Timmy's crack. First with one finger and then with two. Timmy was in so much pain but could do nothing. The pole was digging into his stomach and he was having trouble breathing.

He felt Zack's hands on his hips and then a bolt of fire inside of him. It felt like his ass was being ripped apart as Zack slid into him.

"Fuck boy, you've got the tightest ass I've ever been in."

Timmy felt as if Zack's boner was going to rip through his spine. He felt the pain in his stomach. If felt as if Zack's cock was banging against his heart.

Ross' running kick sent Zack flying sideways, his cock tearing Timmy's ass as it came out. He went flying on his back. He jumped up quickly and ran towards Ross. Ross gave him a roundhouse kick that lifted him off the ground and sent him crashing on his back.

"Hey! Hey Daniel!" Zack screamed. He got off the ground again and slowly approached Ross. He pulled a knife from his pocket and flicked it open. The blade shone.

"You're dead." He tried to grin but he didn't feel that brave. He walked in a crouching position, arms ready, towards Ross.

Ross stood his ground, in a karate stance.

Pesa stepped out of the bushes and tapped Zack on the shoulder. As he turned around, Pesa hit him. His head snapped back. He sliced but Pesa moved back quickly.

Cody was trying to get Timmy off of the pole, but with Timmy being paralysed, he couldn't move him.

Daniel came out of the house and saw Cody. He quickly went to him and grabbed him around the chest. Cody felt himself fly through the air as Daniel threw him against the side of the house. Daniel charged towards him. Cody reached out for a pitchfork which was leaning close to him. He lifted it and turned it around.

Daniel was running too fast to stop himself. The pitchfork buried itself into him, the points coming out of his back. He stopped dead in his tracks as the handle stopped against the house. A wave of blood and puke came out of his mouth and washed over Cody. He died standing, with the pitchfork holding him up. Cody saw the wet spot on his jeans where he must have shot his dying load.

Zack and Pesa were now wrestling on the ground. Zack had managed to get Pesa down on his back. Ross watched horrified as the he lifted the knife sideways and then buried it in Pesa's stomach.

"Pesa!" he screamed. Zack turned as Ross' boot lashed out, sending him flying sideways. Zack tried to stand but got another boot in the face. He felt on his back. Ross came up to him and lifted his boot high. He brought it down with a force that severed Zack's windpipe. He heard the rush of air as Zack tried to catch his breath. Just before Zack died, Ross brought his boot down on Zack's crotch, crushing his balls like a giant snail. The scream came out of Zack's windpipe and then he went still and quiet. His eyes stared into nothingness.

Cody was kneeling over Pesa. The knife was still in his stomach, to one side. "You can't take it out," Cody said to Ross. "We have to just cover it and get someone to fetch him here."

Pesa appeared to be okay. His mouth and nose were clear of blood. It looked like it might have been just muscle that got stabbed, but Cody didn't want to take any chances. At the moment the knife was assisting in controlling the bleeding.

Pesa smiled, "Hey, remember that Rambo movie where he burns the hole closed with a white hot knife - I want to try that."

Cody smiled back, "Yeah, when you get to Hollywood."

Ross was carrying Timmy and put him on the ground next to Pesa. "Hey Timmy, we're gonna be back now, just keep Pesa company for us huh."

Timmy just stared ahead, unable to smile or say anything.

"Where's TJ?" asked Cody.

Ross looked around, "He can only be inside."

Ross patted Timmy on the shoulder. "Hang in there Timmy, we'll be back now."

Ross carefully opened the door. TJ was hanging there. Behind him, Daniel's father was standing with a pistol.

"Come in Maguire. Come and watch your friend die. Put your hands way up, where I can see them."

Ross walked slowly into the room. The pain shot like an electric bolt through his head and he collapsed on the floor.

Footballer 3 walked over him, carrying the block of wood that he had hit Ross with. Cody kicked the door open again and it hit footballer on the side, sending him crashing to the floor.

Cody dived on top of him but he was too strong. He lifted Cody and, using his foot in Cody's stomach, sent him somersaulting through the air.

He picked up the block of wood and walked over to Cody. He lifted the wood above his head.

"Stop there!" It was Mark, standing behind Daniel's dad. He held a stick in his back. "Tell your bully boy to drop the wood. Lift the pistol up above your head or I'll blow your spine apart."

Daniel's dad lifted the pistol up over his head, "Do as he says." he said to footballer.

Mark grabbed the pistol and dropped the stick on the ground.

Stian came into the room, behind Mark. He immediately started to untie TJ's wrists. TJ collapsed in a heap, his muscles still not quite working as they should.

"Where's Daniel?" asked his dad.

"He's had an accident." said Cody, dusting himself off.

"Is he okay?"

Cody looked at the old man, "Well, let's just say that where he's goin, he's already got all the tools he needs."

The tears started running down the old man's cheeks, "You killed him?"

"He killed his fuckin self. Where didya think this was all gonna end huh?" Cody was getting mad.

The old man turned and dived at Mark, grabbing for the gun.

Footballer tried to grab Cody, but Cody expected it and turned around - his fist finding it's mark in the bully's crotch. He collapsed, holding his nuts.

Mark and the old man were struggling and the gun went flying across the floor. They both dived on to it. Cody watched the struggle taking place and then heard the shot.

It sounded like a cannon in the room.

Cody watched in horror as the old man stood up.