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This file is about ways of sexual pleasuring with yourself and with others, that use the hands and penis. This is masturbation (jacking off), always popular, and surprisingly varied in the world of nature and humanity.

Captive apes and monkeys, as well as other animals, have been seen fondling their penis with hand or foot (or even taken into the mouth). In one study, young male chimpanzees were noticed handling each other's penis.

Other limbs can be used to, such as with free-living spider monkeys and baboons, who use their tails. And elephants sometimes employ their trunks.

A curious scientist watches a porcupine: His excitement was evidenced by...holding a long stick in his fore paws and straddling it as a child does a broom-stick. The stick was held so that his genitals were stimulated by the contact, and the wood soon accumulated odour from the urine and glandular secretions absorbed. In consequence, it was a natural source of sexual stimulation.

Dolphins can be seen rubbing their erect penis against the tank floor, and one individual had the habit of holding his in the jet of the water intake.

In addition, larger males will attempt masturbation against the flanks of smaller ones. Perhaps the most unusual way of masturbating is found among red deer:

This act is accomplished by lowering the head and gently drawing the tips (of the antlers) to and fro through the herbage. Erection and extrusion of the penis from the sheath follows in five to seven seconds...Ejaculation follows about five seconds after.

Masturbation has always been common among humans. In some ancient western cultures, it was connected with religious worship. For example, in Egyptian mythology the god Orisis "creates all living creatures by an infinite act of masturbation." This was also seen as the source of the Nile river, and the cause of its annual flooding, which was the backbone of life in Egypt.

The ritual developed of Pharaohs masturbating before the god's image a the time of their enthronement. This led to public masturbation during religious worship, "to expel evil and honour the gods of generation," and became a part of an ancient Egyptian, and also Phoenician, Babylonian and Assyrian, sacred ceremonies. Masturbation was also don for its own sake, without any sacred meanings; the Bible gives us several instances of this (the "spilling of seed").

The Greeks and Romans thought masturbation was invented by the god Hermes (Mercury in Latin). The Greeks called it thrypsis, "the rubbing," and in Latin it was masturbatus. People doubtless masturbated together at times, as well as doing it by themselves, in these ancient cultures, even though we have no records of this. The ancients were generally very relaxed about male sexual expression. However jacking-off was later frowned upon thoroughly by the Christian Church.

In the middle and Far East, attitudes toward jacking-off have not changed from ancient times. In most eastern cultured, Arabian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese, masturbation was allowed at an early age, and at times even encouraged. For example, Ibn Kemal Pasha, in On the Lengthening and thickening of the Rod quotes old Arabian doctors in saying that "rubbing and constant handling both make the virile member longer and thicker."

Masturbation was sometimes used on babies to quiet their crying and Bernard Stern noted that in Arabia it (jacking-off) "has become almost the custom of the land." Two scholars noted that Muslim and Jewish boys who actively and exclusively engaged in solitary and/or mutual masturbation, did so on the average of three to five times per week during the ages of eleven and eighteen.

In Arabian slang the act was known as jeng, jelq, jerk, and musht-zeni, jerking, flipping, juggling and fist-beating respectively, referring to the different techniques. In Turkey it was called istimney-bilyet ("the practice of self-control of the stalk"), while in Persia it was called maulish-e-zubb ("shampooing the cord"). Masturbation was especially popular in public baths, where you and/or a friend, or a masseur and/or a prostitute, could engage you in the practice, "Mutual or one-sided, as desired." Some ribald poetry survives, such as two lines from "The Fabulous Feats of the Futtering Freebooters:" "Felah and Negro did jerk off his yard/For all of a week; hashish kept it up hard." And from the Persian poet Abu Nuwas:

. Are not this child's eyes all fire?
. O Desire,
. Feel the flush of the eggs
. Between his legs!
. Dearest, seize what you can seize,
. If you please;
. Fill your boyish fist with me
. And then see
. Will it go a little way,
. Just in play?

In India, masturbation has a long history, going back to ancient Hindu mythology, In one story, Lord Shiva was "masturbated by Agnee the Fire-lord who, bearing his precious semen across theGanges, accidentally dropped it and witnessed the miraculous birth of Kartikeh (or Koomareh) the misogynist war-god." Krishna, as god of Self-Contemplation, became the symbol of jacking-off and "the favourite Hindoo youth. His practice, hautrus (manual orgasm)...was deified as ritualistic." It was also called panimathana ("hand churning") and "was relished extensively."

In China, Dr. Jacobus reports, young men would get together to smoke opium, and then "abuse their generative organs for hours at a time in a frenzy of mutual masturbation and anal copulation." Along the same lines, one report explains that the Cossacks, who lived on the middle Asian plains were more excited by self and mutual masturbation than in sex with women, "having from infancy identified sexual pleasure with masturbation alone."

Among other cultures, masturbation was often allowed or encouraged. Of special of interest are cultures allowing the act to be shared between males. These include the Hopi in Arizona, Wogeno in Oceania, and Dahomeans and Namu of Africa. In certain Melanesian communities this was expected between boys, and between boys and married men, although no other kind of gay male sex was allowed. In the Cubeo tribe of the Amazon mutual masturbation was "semi-Public." Among the Tikopia of the South Pacific, men masturbated themselves as other men watched.

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