Cody News Number 4 - August 1999 - No. 2

Just added the 'original' Cody stories to my story site - check it out.

Bullies are a pain in the ass - Read about them in one of the articles in this newsletter.


This is turnin into a helluva month so far.     Later in this news page you'll read about bullies - yeah well I guess what goes around comes around.

Updates to my web page this month so far:I've added a few more banners on my Links page - so pay the guys a visit.

I've changed the layout of the Cody TJ story page and I've included the original Cody story - well I call it the original Cody story cos it was when I read that, that I got the idea to write the Adventures of Cody and TJ.

Cody's Teen Warriors has got six new recruits. Some pretty cute recruits - I think I must become their drill instructor or somethin :)

I'm hopin to put up new stuff on the sports and surfin pages - I've just gotta find the damn time tho.

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic.  Some of the pics have mouseover captions.  I've put some of my fav sportin pics on this page - hopeya enjoy them.

Cody's Special - Jackin' Part Two

Mmmm this is probly to balance your hormones or somethin. I get asked some really hard questions from older guys - like - a teacher who has a cute 14 year old in his class. Is it wrong to keep lookin at the little guy?

Well my answer is this: Look and even make friends BUT - dont touch - dont stalk - dont meet in quiet places - dont have him over at your house if youre gonna be alone - I guess what I mean is that if an older dude wants to look at me - let him - just dont put yourself into a position that can be misinterpreted in a way that can sendya to jail or have you branded as a pedo.


I've had a run in with two bullies this month. One of them a total asshole who likes to pick on little guys and who always has a group of friends to back him up. He made the mistake of pickin on a frienda mine and we ended up in the gym at school. He lost - and then organised to get me beaten up in the changerooms a few days later. The guys on the swim team heard about it and then came in - in time to stop me from pickin up my teeth. I like to stand on my own two feet and Im also not scared to fight if I needta. But I woulda got hurt against these guys and it was good to know that my friends were there for me.

The second bully is one of those guys that likes to take advantage of ya when you're vulnerable. When I first met him it was on a school swim tour and I wont go into all the details except to say that there was alcohol involved - amongst some other stuff. He was down for a swim tour now and stayed over with me and thought that he could do the same thing again. I made sure that I walked a str8 line to avoid bein put back into a position where he coulda taken advantage again.

I guess I'm writin this to just warn the guys that they should always be on the lookout for bullies and to remember that there are always friends around if ya need them. And stay away from drugs and stuff - never put yourself into a position where you can be taken advantage of.

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er


Swap drugs for sport!


Dylan must be one of the hottest dudes on the net.    Check out the graphic I did for him on the page.   I had to mod this pic so you don't mistake him for my pet elephant.

Blonde and Cute
"Hello nipple - howzit goin buddy."

An older dude gets lucky on the beach.

Okay Cody - so now you've got my shirt buttons undone.    I dare you to go further.

Hot and Sweaty. I mean HOT and sweaty.

Hey Cody, so what do I take off after my shirt?

So - do you feel lucky?

Okay Cody, Enuf jackin around now - give my clothes back.


This is the way to watch telly.



Check out this totally tight page on the Backstreet Boys by my friend Steve.


Hey - you can look - just don't touch.

'til next time - CYA!


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