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Masturbation is a joy. I am thoroughly convinced that God gave people hands with fingers so that we could stroke ourselves in pleasure and comfort.

Those men who've not discovered the satisfaction of jacking off, are definitely missing something.

There is only one problem I can think of in masturbating, that someone would think it was a bad thing to do, would feel guilty during and after, or worse yet wouldn't do it altogether. The suppression of pleasurable masturbation is one of the great ills of our society, for masturbation is one of the basic functions of existence; those who deny or ignore it do so at the risk of increasing their own sense of frustration and grimness in the world.

Jacking off, besides feeling good serves many useful purposes. It can be relaxing, reassuring, energising, encouraging, spontaneous and charming. You can do it quick, slow, with hands, pillows, melons and showers, in a bathroom, behind a bush or on the bus, dry or with oils, while listening to music, looking at pictures, or imagining. It is an anywhere, anytime convenience. And don't be afraid to indulge. When your body's had enough, it'll say so.

One main trouble in masturbating is to not be embarrassed. You could get caught! The best ways to overcome this inconvenience are to make sure you'll have privacy, learn to do it quick, and/or learn to do it in public without being found out. All of these are quite possible.

I remember once I was at a picnic, and I was standing in a crowd. It was so hot that many people had taken off their shoes and shirts. Then I saw across from me such a beautiful boy that I almost had to leave, I got so excited. Luckily, I was wearing my old baggy navy pants, and the pockets were worn through. I slung my coat over my right shoulder to hide my arm, and plunged my hand down my pocket, walking into the crowd as close as I could get. I had a great time, and I'm sure that not one of the hundreds of people around me guessed a thing about it! (Note: for tricks of this sort, wear tight-fitting underpants to catch the come, or learn to hold your ejaculation inside when you come, so you don't make a sticky mess.)

Mechanically speaking, masturbation for males is friction against the fraenum, or "whang-string," a small, string-like portion of the penis just under the glans or "head" at the backside. The fraenum has the highest concentration of sexsensual nerve endings in the body. Many actions can stimulate this area; an object can rub against the penis, the penis can move against something, or no motion can happen at all. This last might easily happen, since fantasy and mind stimulation play such a big role; wet dreams are a good example of this. I have a friend who sometimes comes to orgasm while meditating, after his yoga practice.

Although I'll restrict myself here to "jacking-off", using the hand, be aware that with a little imagination and creativity other ways can be found.

There are many things you can discover about yourself with your hands. The hands are very sensitive to touch, and the penis is even more so. Every person develops their own way of jacking off. If you've ever had others do it to you, you discover that usually they can't make the feelings quite as good as you can yourself. That's because they're probably using their style on you, which fits for them but isn't yours. Style involves such things as how the fingers hold the penis, which fingers are used, how tight they are, how hard they press, how much movement, use of the foreskin and how much sensitivity towards drawing out the feelings. All these are important.

Some people like to wrap the whole hand around their penis and slide it all the way up and down in long, luxurious strokes, using oils or a flexible foreskin. Others like to place the thumb and two fingers around the corona (that part of the penis just below the glans), with one finger over the fraenum, and pump in short, quick movements with the skin.

There is room for exploration and creativity in masturbation. Fantasy plays a big part, and in your mind you can be loving someone else or yourself. You can imagine your last sexual act, or an erotic fantasy, or looking at pictures or a story. Fantasies are especially intriguing; they are the images and events of your inner and secret wishes. Even if they seem strange or something you wouldn't want anyone to find out about that's OK who's going to know if you don't tell?

Loving yourself through masturbation means caressing your own body, holding it, making love to you, appreciating you/your experience as hand and penis, body and mind. It's unique.


Let me take you on a fantasy; You'll need privacy and quiet, some enjoyable music (something warm and not too loud), candles and oil (olive oil, safflower oil, massage or love oil, baby/mineral oil, Vaseline, KY or any clean lubricating substance are all good). It's night time outside. First, light clothes and, lying down on the bed, close your eyes. Take a deep, relaxing breath. Imagine that you are a stranger meeting your body, that it's new to you, that you're touching it for the first time. Start at the top of your head, and explore yourself with your hands, as sensations you've never felt before. Feel your hair, the shape of your head,then your face, your ears. Glide your fingers over each part, trying to feel the shape, the texture, as if you'd never felt them before. Notice the softness of your eyelids, the sensitivity of your lips. Then caress your throat, your shoulders and chest. Find a nipple, and flick a fingertip over and around it, feeling it grow hard and excited. Glide your palms over your stomach, pressing down on your soft middle. Trace designs around your navel. Slowly let your hands press lower. Discover how your pubic hair begins; how does it feel: Seek out the lines where you legs join your stomach. Trace the line with your fingertip down onto the groove between leg and crotch, until you brush your testicles. Press your soft warm hands onto the insides of your thighs. Stroke your thighs, feeling their sensitivity, their shape, their thickness. Brush the hair lightly. Then discover how your ass ends underneath. Then glide up under your testicles, tracing a ring around them.

Hold them warmly in your hand, feeling each, then press them gently against your body. Now discover the shape of your penis with one fingertip. Trace a line around the base, then up the side to the top. Lightly brush the side, the fraenum, the glans and tip. Wrap one hand carefully around the whole penis, and squeeze gently. Pull on it a little, then let it go. Find the fraenum with your fingertip, and press there (You may have to pull down your foreskin). Discover the most sensitive point, and brush your fingertip rapidly just over that point. Press you finger there again and massage the point gently and firmly. Then wrap your hand around your penis and move it up and down. Now put some oil in the cup of your hand, and caress your penis all over, rubbing and massaging the oil evenly. Cradle your testicles in one hand, and wrap the other around your penis. Slide you hand up and down all the way, feeling the sensations. Explore until you develop a pleasing rhythm, and sink into the warmth and pleasure. Go deeper and warmer, letting the feelings grow stronger and spread. If you want to increase sensation to stretch your foreskin, hold down the base of you penis with thumb and forefinger of the other hand, pulling the skin tight. Keep stroking yourself, pausing if you like to explore somewhere else. Your sensations will become stronger in a growing cycle of tension and relaxation. Discover your pattern and try to draw it out. Explore the way(s) to climax, fast or slow, with long or short strokes, pumping fast and rough, or gentle and calming until your heat rises pouring out of you. Let yourself go, flow into it. Then relax. Relax deeply, doing nothing, emptying your mind and body.


This fantasy can be done just as well in the tub or shower, using soap instead of oil. An interesting variation is to do it in front of a mirror. You can watch yourself, your hands and body, in new ways. An exciting addition to masturbation can be using a finger to caress your ass (called postillioning). While masturbating, simply grease a finger (don't use soap) and press it at your anus-opening, pushing firmly and gently to slide inside. You'll have to discover how best to place your body to that reaching is easy; I suggest bending your knees and bringing your feet to your rear, while lying on your back, of even stretching your feet over your head. You can also do this standing up.

Masturbation is an act of wholeness, of self creation and renewal, whether it's a five-minute quickie or a half-hour journey. You can become more you, more together and centred through deep and satisfying masturbation. The moment of climax is a moment of infinity, and under your control. Also, be aware of the limitations of masturbation, the things it can't get you, like another person's touching and love. Admitting your needs is the first step to satisfying them.

Surprisingly enough, masturbation, body image, and other kinds of sex are all related. If you like and enjoy your body, it will show in your masturbation. Poor opinion of your body is a good thing to recognise and deal with. Just be aware; tune in on yourself; let yourself be and then do what needs to be done. Once you sense a problem here, it's good to talk it over with a friend or counsellor.

A sense of relaxation and intimacy with your body is akin to being intimate with another, and he with you. If you don't want to be sensual with your own crotch, how can you keep this from carrying over? Be aware of yourself as the source of all your experiences, ideas and feelings.

Also, masturbation is a favourite shared experience. Whether you're jacking yourself off while he watches, or you him, or using masturbation during fellatio (sucking) or anal intercourse (fucking), it's a basic experience and action. Throughout this book, masturbation will be mentioned again and again as a pleasurable activity with other actions or by itself. It serves as a good foundation for any kind of sexual and/or intimate sharing, with others and with yourself.

It's good to respect jacking-off and be relaxed about it. Many people find it their favourite sexual activity, either alone or with others, but don't want to admit the fact for being thought unsophisticated or immature. That's nonsense no one is immature for liking to jack off, or to prefer it over fucking. Masturbation is entirely pleasurable and wholesome. Only boredom, unhappiness, hard work and so on are dull things in bed. If you like to jack off by yourself enjoy it. If you like to masturbate with your friend(s), good for you. Make sure you let him know this, and take into account his desires too.

I remember once when I was with someone I thought "sophisticated," and I thought I should be sucking and fucking, because it was the "sophisticated" thing to do. But surprise of surprises when he blurted out to me he really wanted to masturbate himself while I cuddled his balls; he was even embarrassed about it! So I gave him a big hug, and we wound up having a fine time together. He was a beautiful man.

If any ofya have any cool jackin stories to tell, let me know - Cody

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