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One of the most intimate and joyful experiences to share is mutual masturbation. Lying with a friend, allowing yourself to be caressed and stroked, he trusting you, openly, your hand holding his testicles-you both masturbating yourself with his hand on your thigh-there's a lot of meaning and experience here!

This is more than just a way to release sexual tension; it's being and sharing, and maybe growing as well. All these are open for you to explore, of you feel calm with him, save about yourself and your desires.

If you feel rushed, slow down and see what happens. It is possible to really savour the feel of his penis in your hand, it's touch and thickness, firmness and warmth. Remember the masturbation fantasy in the first section? Well, it's just as much fun to give it to someone else, as to do it yourself. And you may learn quite a bit, by seeing how another is similar and different to you. In the shape and feel of his body, in the way he's aroused and climaxes, in his sexual style.

Earlier on I spoke of people developing their individual way of masturbating. You'll be surprised how much variety there is. Talk with him, and find out how he likes you hand, if he'd rather you held him differently, and so on. There's much to share, if you want to open up.

Mutual masturbation can be close and wet, hot and fast, or it can be much different, slow and relaxed for example. it's all a matter of opening up to how you are at that moment, what you want and need, Maybe you're scared, and just want to be held. Or perhaps you're tired and would like him to jack you off casually. Or maybe you really want to abandon yourself in love-making. If you are uptight about masturbating, jacking-off while he watches can be great therapy. Many of us tend to feel guilty about masturbation, from having to hide it when we were younger. With him, you can be open, and lose your fear to the light. And many of us are also guilty about receiving pleasure- we feel we always have to reciprocate, to give it back immediately. Try just lying back sometimes and not doing a thing, and let him do everything; just relax, just receive.

There are lots of other things you can do with masturbation. You can massage his body all over. Each of you can masturbate himself while you hold the other's testicles -some friends told me the had highly spiritual/loving experiences during this. Also it can be a lot of fun not taking your clothes off, as if you'd just met and grabbed each other on the street, or with your underpants still on (jockey shorts really turn me on). Another treat can be taking a shower together, standing under the spigot masturbating each other with plenty of soap. If you both like, you can massage his ass at the same time. Since body tension can affect intensity of climax, you can try different positions while being masturbated; sitting up, crouching over him, or hanging from the ceiling for example. You can fondle each other without climaxing. or without even getting hard. this can be specially delightful and warm, as the caring/trust/sharing comes more to the fore. You can even have a lot of fun in public, seeing if you can fondle each other on the bus or in a restaurant without anyone knowing.

There's almost always a free hand available, and it doesn't take much energy. At times your arm might get a little tired; if this happens, relax for a while. Masturbating someone else is different than with yourself, because you aren't directly experiencing; you must relay on him to let you know how it's going, and this may not be clear. With yourself, it's simple to know when to speed up and when to slow down to stop.

Discovering how to do this with someone else can be a fun exploration. Ask him how he's doing. I've had times where the person wasn't holding me right - his thumb wasn't quite in the right place, and when I came it wasn't quite as good. It's OK not to be the perfect sex partner, or have the perfect time. But don't be afraid to complain, too. If you're jerking him off, stop when you like, except if he's just before climax (coming). If you stop too close to ejaculation, the process will continue anyway but the experience might be second-rate. Other than this, I'd be pretty loose about it and see what happens. Try experimenting with different strokes and hand grips with and without oil. Cradling his balls in the other hand and kissing him, all at the same time, can be especially nice.

Learning to communicate sensations, wants, and needs is always an important part of being with someone. It comes with experience and relaxation. Remember that he can't read your mind, be directly aware of your experiences, nor you with him. There is the space between you to cross over. How you do it is up to you: words, questions, grunts, moaning; don't just assume he knows what's going on, or that you should know how he's doing without his telling you-some people are rather quiet and might not say anything. When in doubt, you can always ask and better to ask then be fearful of relaxing your arm for moment.

Some question may come up about simultaneous orgasms, coming at the same time.

"Should we or shouldn't we?" My opinion is, it's nice if it happens and nice if it doesn't. It's not always easy to know when someone's going to climax, and it can be harder still to coordinate two climaxes. Why let work take away from pleasure? It's good to experiment with this and see what's most satisfactory; for some couples it's easier than for others. The best thing is usually to be loose about it, preferring spontaneity over planning, and feeling over thinking. But by all means, if you indulge in pleasure it's hard not to have a good time.


I would like to mention some related ways to get off. These are body rubbing, interfemoral intercourse, armpit/knee intercourse, and moving on the perineum.

Body rubbing (also known as the "Princeton rub") is a common activity, and some people find it their favourite. It's a kind of masturbation with another, except no hands are used. You are lying together, moving with and on each other, usually side by side or above/below. This usually done "dry," that is without lubrication, but oiling large parts of your bodies and then slipping 'n sliding can also be lots of fun (and messy). Not everyone likes this kind of sex; some people find their penis just gets chafed and numb from body hair and skin. If you get into it, one or both of you can move at a time, up and down, wriggling about and/or thrusting with the pelvis (tipping the pelvis up and back to move the penis).

A related activity is called interfemoral intercourse, "the Oxford style." Here one of you lies on your back, with your thighs held tight together. Then your friend lies on top of you, and either dry or greasing his penis and the insides of your thighs, inserts his penis between your legs just below your crotch. He then thrusts his penis in and out. To some people this may seem like a strange activity, but to others (and in some cultures) it's quite common.

Interfemoral intercourse can also be done from behind, with one of you lying on your stomach. This leads us to another related method, which is thrusting between your friend's buttocks, without entering his anus. A lubricant can also be used here. Again, some people enjoy this way, and it has had it's place in other cultures (the ancient Greeks, for example, called it pygisma, "buttockry").

Armpit/Knee Intercourse: If you make a tight, firm place by holding your arm at your side or your knee bent, he can insert his penis (lubricated if necessary) at the joint and slide in an out by moving his body. He can even climax this way.

Another way is moving on the perineum, the space between the testicles and anus, where the legs meet. This is a very tender area, and when lubricated feels nice to the penis. One of you lies on your back, bringing your knees to your chest. The other, then lies down between his friend's legs facing him, with his penis resting at the perineum. Body motions and thrusting will create pleasurable sensations, and kissing is quite easy.

If any ofya have any cool jackin stories to tell, let me know - okay I wont lie, I get off on them :) Cody

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