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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Three

I couldn't be sure but I suspected that Cody and Tommy worked their sex drives overtime in preparation for the arrival of Tyler who would undoubtedly dampen activities around Vista. Monday and Tuesday they were inseparable - surfing and spending an inordinate amount of time in Cody's room theoretically listening to the stereo. I think the music was loud so I wouldn't be tempted to eavesdrop again.

Tyler's plane was scheduled to land in San Diego at about 9:00 am Wednesday which meant Cody and I would have to be up early to put things in order. We worked at getting his room ready on Tuesday afternoon but there wasn't much discussion. I think we were both a little worried and a little sad that the comfortable situation we were in was about to be changed.

I took a break out by the pool Tuesday afternoon. Cody and Tommy were swimming and I loved to watch their young bodies glistening with water. I wished they hadn't been wearing suits but for some reason they had kept them on. I admired my new son and his friend. It was all I could do to keep from getting a hard-on watching Tommy's lithe body and thinking about what had happened in the theater. I really would like to see Tommy's boyhood at full attention. I knew what it felt like but I hadn't seen it.

The boys wandered into the kitchen leaving me to my thoughts. After about three minutes I heard Cody call.

"Hey, Dad!"

"Yeah, what," I answered.

"Tommy's fixed you a hot dog!" Cody announced.

I really didn't want anything to eat right now but it was so rare when either of these two bottomless pits thought about anybody else when it came to food, I hauled myself off the chaise and strolled into the kitchen.

They were giggling when I came through the family room and all I could see of them were their bare chests above the countertop.

"What're you guys up to?" I asked suspiciously. "Shit!"

I rounded the counter and there were Tommy and Cody, butt naked with two huge erections.

"How do you like the hot dog Tommy fixed for you?" Cody chortled.

"Very funny!" I exclaimed but didn't take my eyes off the beautiful 7 inches of boymeat protruding from Tommy's loins. I was instantly hard.

"You said this sort of stuff was okay, right?" Tommy asked with some concern.

"Yeah, I guess I did. Just didn't expect it to be so blatant. Not that I don't like what I see," I added.

"It's our last day before Tyler gets here. We thought we'd make the most of it!" Cody explained.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked now very excited.

Tommy came over close to me. He reached down and pulled down my zipper. I was quivering as the young hand maneuvered around my underwear until he fond my throbbing cock. He managed to guide it through the opening of my jockeys so that my erection was fully exposed, then he stood off to my left and with his right hand began to stroke my meat. I was motionless. Here was a strikingly beautiful blond kid massaging my manhood. Cody knelt down in front of Tommy. He looked up at me.

"You gotta see Tommy cum," he announced without any embarrassment.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I moaned as the surfer boy continued his work.

"No, I mean it," Cody explained. "Tommy doesn't cum like most of us."

"Cody, right now it's not Tommy's cum I'm concerned about!" I responded.

"Jeff, you gotta watch him when he cums, okay?" Cody ordered.

"Okay, okay, I'll watch," I said. What could possibly be different about Tommy's orgasm than anybody else's. I ‘d felt one on my hand and it didn't seem all that different.

Cody sucked his friend's hot meat into his mouth and began to work on it. Tommy kept stroking me as I watched my boy devour the boycock. Tommy closed his eyes in pleasure as Cody's tongue danced miracles. After a minute Cody backed off and asked if I wanted to try it. Shit did I ever!

"Okay with you Tommy?" I asked.

"Go for it, dude," he said.

I positioned myself in front of this huge ripe fourteen year old cock and sucked it in. I was surprised to find a different taste from Cody's. It wasn't unpleasant, just different. His meat was thicker and hotter than Cody's.

"Be sure to tell us when you're getting there," Cody directed.

"Mmmmmm," Tommy agreed as he felt my lips and tongue surveying every part of his shaft. His precum was strong and sensual, filling my nostrils with lust. I didn't want to watch him cum, I wanted to taste it!

"Ohh shit Cody, you're Dad's good!" Tommy moaned.

I was so busy enjoying this "hot dog" Tommy had prepared for me, I didn't even deflate when Tommy called me Cody's dad.

"Uh, I think I'm getting close Cody. You'd better get ready if you want to try this," Tommy announced.

"Stop sucking him, Jeff!" Cody commanded.

Reluctantly I pulled away from the teen's glistening meat.

"Get ready for the show," he grinned and he laid down on the floor.

I didn't know what was going on.

"Stand at my head and watch," Cody directed.

"I don't know if this will work," Tommy said as, in a standing position, he straddled Cody's chest so that his hard cocktip was directly over Cody's face. He began to jack himself off. You could tell he was close they way he shivered as he stroked. Then he began to stroke slower and slower, his eyes fluttering.

"Ahh Cody, get ready, I'm gonna do it!" Tommy pronounced.

I stood there fondling myself watching this spectacle. I looked down and my beautiful boy's perfect mouth was wide open.

"Ahhhhhhhh.." Tommy moaned and he stopped stroking his cock altogether.

It was like I was watching in slow motion. Tommy's first shot escaped his pulsing cock as about an inch long dribble not shooting more than a half an inch from the tip. It caught Cody on the upper lip. Cody adjusted slightly. "Ahuuuhh," the young surfer continued. The second shot didn't fire, it flowed out of Tommy's dick. It was the thickest cum I had ever seen, sort of the consistency of beaten egg yoke. This second shot formed a single strand almost 13 inches long before it slowly disconnected from the boy's dick and neatly dropped into Cody's open mouth. The third shot and fourth came on the heels of one another forming another thick strand flowing straight down in a cascade. I could see the thick pool of cum forming on Cody's tongue. A fifth and sixth wave of this heavy boymilk flowed out and down. Then, at last, one last strand emerged and hung on Tommy's cocktip about three inches in length. I hadn't realized I hand been working on my own penis overtime during this display. I surprised myself and both boys as I shot one of the most volatile wads of my life. It was so hard it fired straight ahead and caught Tommy squarely on the stomach. So did the second shot. The remainder of my explosion landed all over Cody's naked body on the floor.

"Shit!" I said. "Incredible!"

Cody swallowed the huge load of his friend's love and got up. He dried himself off with a dishtowel.

"You ever seen anything like that?" Cody asked.

"Never!" I exclaimed. "How do you do it?" I asked Tommy.

"That's just the way I cum. Cody says its really different."

"Cody's right!" I agreed. "Thanks."

Cody was the only one who still had an erection. "I think it's time we teach this prankster a lesson, don't you Tommy?" I grinned.

"Yeah!" Tommy agreed with a laugh.

I grabbed Cody's arm and hauled him over to the couch. I pushed him down on it and then instantly dropped to my knees and began licking his dick. Tommy got on the other side and began doing the same. We licked all over the boy's cock as Cody moaned with delight. I became excited again as Tommy's and my tongue would meet at the head of Cody's boyhood. We alternated sucking and licking it until with two tongues on either side of the head, Cody exploded and mixed his own cum with mine which had dried on his chest.

We all flopped back on the couch exhausted. I was in the middle and I wallowed in the ecstasy of gently holding a teenage boy dick in each hand.

"Well," Cody announced after a few minutes of silence, "I guess that's about the end of these adventures. Welcome to Vista, Tyler!"

"Yeah," Tommy agreed. "Too bad. We were just getting started here."

"It'll be okay," I said unconvincingly. "I shouldn't be doing this stuff with you guys anyway. It's all Cody's fault. He knows once he starts something, I can't refuse. As I remember him, Tyler was a good kid. You guys will like him and you two can find someplace to hide out once in awhile. Maybe the maid's quarters. I'll get a key made for you."

"Great," Cody said. "That might work."

"Thanks Tommy," I said giving his flaccid cock a hard pull.

"Hey, no problem dude," he grinned.

"Sure would have liked to have tasted that though," I mused.

"Maybe we can arrange that sometime," Tommy quipped.

Tyler's plane touched down 30 minutes late. Cody decided not to go with me but promised he would be at home when Tyler and I got there. I was fidgeting nervously as the jetway door finally opened and people began streaming out. I had no idea who to look for, a twelve year now seventeen might be hard to recognize. I remembered Tyler as being incredibly cute. He was tall even at twelve and I suspected the last time I saw him he would be entering puberty very soon. I always wished I could have watched his progress toward manhood.

More and more people poured out the door into the terminal. I was beginning to think the boy wasn't on the plane but then a tall young man came out. I instantly recognized him. But he had certainly grown. His boyish features were still beautifully intact but he was well over six feet tall. I studied him quietly for a few seconds before I approached, appraising his light brown hair, his lean tight body nicely packaged in a t-shirt and jeans, his deep brown eyes searching.

"Hey Tyler," I said. I thought about giving him a hug but opted for the standard handshake. His grip was strong.

"Hi, Jeff," he said politely but without a lot of enthusiasm.

"How was the flight?" I asked as we walked toward baggage claim.

"Long but okay," he said laconically.

"Well," I said, but not convinced myself, "I'm glad you're going to get to spend some time with us."

"Yeah," he responded unenthusiastically. "Who's us?"

"Oh yeah, you wouldn't have known. I adopted a boy. His name's Cody. He's a great kid."

"Oh," Tyler said and turned his attention to the baggage carousel.

Since the boy didn't seem to be predisposed to conversation, we silently waited for his bags to arrive, carried them to the car and started back toward north county. I busily pointed out the skyline in San Diego, various villages on the way north and finally turned on Villa de la Valle heading for Vista del.

"Do you like Mexican food," I asked him trying to get him to say something.

"Don't know. Haven't really had much except fast food stuff," he answered in the longest string of words he'd put together so far.

We pulled up the drive and parked in front of the door. I popped the trunk and the two of us grabbed his bags.

I threw open the door and as cheerily as I could muster announced, "Cody, we're here!"

"Nice place," Tyler volunteered.

"Yeah, " I said with a glimmer of hope that he might get on well here, "It's on the water and you can swim or surf or whatever."

Cody pranced into the room and before I could introduce him, his hand was out, his smile beaming and he said, "Hi Tyler, I'm Cody!"

Tyler smiled weakly and shook Cody's hand. I noticed that the seventeen year old gave Cody a pretty thorough once over.

Cody was really trying. What a kid. He grabbed the bag I was carrying and said, "C'mon Tyler, I'll show you your room."

Tyler followed Cody in long flowing strides. He may not be talkative but he had a great ass! I shook my head.

Tyler thanked Cody for the help but told him he could manage the unpacking on his own. Since the atmosphere was cool, Cody left Tyler to organize his room and came in to see me. We walked out on the patio.

"He's not very friendly," Cody evaluated.

"Ah, he's just not used to the new surroundings. Maybe he'll come around," I said trying to excuse him.

"This could be tough," Cody sighed.

I put my arm around my boy and gave him a gentle hug. "No matter what, Cody. You're my main man and nothing's going to interfere with that!"

"Thanks, Dad," he said lovingly.

Tyler remained quiet for the rest of the day. It was obvious that he was not happy to be here and he made little attempt to engage either of us in conversation. He did express interest in the computer in the den and I told him he could use it anytime. The next day, Tommy came over and met the tall seventeen year old but like the rest of us, he was met with courtesy but disinterest. Tommy and Cody took off surfing - the cowards - and left me with my new charge.

By mid-day with no communication, I finally decided to press the issue.

"So what's Randy doing?" I asked hoping to start off slowly.

"He's in charge of a construction project outside of Paris," Tyler said. His deep eyes looked sad and you could tell he was uncomfortable with this talk.

"Tyler, I don't want to force anything on you here, but I hope you'll try to adjust to us. We're not that bad!"

Tyler shrugged.

"Maybe you can try to not mope around here so much. If something's bugging you tell me. Like it or not you're going to be here two months. No need for all of us to miserable," I continued.

For the first time the handsome teen met my eyes. I couldn't tell if his eyes were showing anger or sorrow. "I'm sorry Jeff," he finally sighed. "I know this wasn't your idea either. I don't mean to put a damper on stuff."

I waited. I had managed to evoke two whole sentences from him.

"I didn't want to come out here. I have a lot of friends back home and I was planning to spend the summer with them. I thought I was old enough to stay on my own but Dad said ‘no'."

I looked at his finely chiseled face but said nothing.

Awkward with the silence, he continued, "So here I am. I don't remember you all that well but I do remember that we had fun when I was little. I didn't know you had a kid either so I'm really out of place here."

"Finally!" I exclaimed, "Finally you've shared something that helps."

I stood up and wanted to hug the forlorn boy but I didn't dare. We were finally getting somewhere.

"Tyler, I know you're lonely. Probably miss your girlfriend too! But there are some pretty good looking ones lying right out there every day. Maybe you can find someone in the interim!"

"I don't have a girlfriend," Tyler said strangely.

"Well, whatever. There's the pool here, the whole Pacific Ocean, Cody's got video games, the refrigerator is full during the mornings until Cody and Tommy hit it and you can use the computer in the den if you want."

Tyler finally allowed himself a small grin at the refrigerator comment. He had a nice flashing smile.

"I hope you don't mind the fact that Cody and Tommy are younger but that's just the way it is," I continued.

"It's okay," Tyler said. "They seem like okay kids."

"They're a helluva lot better than okay Tyler. These are two of the best kids I've ever known. You were in that class when I last saw you."

"Thanks," he smiled, "I'll try to do better fitting in. I know you're doing my dad a favor."

"Great," I said. "You want a sandwich or something?"

"Sure," he said more relaxed than I'd seen him since he arrived.

Sharing food in the kitchen I couldn't help recalling the vision of Cody on the floor and Tommy pouring out his load. I shook the memory off. "Are you into surfing?" I asked.

"Yeah, actually I am," Tyler mumbled through his sandwich.

"Maybe you can go out with Cody and Tommy then," I suggested.

"Yeah, maybe except I don't have any gear," he said.

"You got any plans for this afternoon?"

"Not really. I was going to use your computer to e-mail my friend Ryan back home."

"Well it's up to you but if you want we can run up to Encinitas to Henson's and see about getting you a board and wetsuit!"

It was like I pushed a button. Tyler's whole body perked up and his eyes actually shone. "Really!" he said.

"Really," I laughed, "It's one way for you to get even with your old man for sending you out here. He told me to bill him for whatever you needed."

"Cool!" Tyler said almost laughing.

I couldn't resist, I put my arm around him and said, "Let's go then!"

Tyler didn't pull away and we walked toward the driveway.

Thank heavens for surfing. Tyler actually began to settle down and try to become part of the household. Cody in his wonderful way not only invited him to surf but actually encouraged him sounding really genuine in wanting Tyler to join them. I know it was genuine. That's Cody's style.

After about two weeks, the boys' routine was fairly grooved. I gave Cody a key to the maid's quarters but I never knew if he and Tommy used it. That's the way it was supposed to be. They surfed in the mornings, I worked all day and when Tyler wasn't surfing with them, he spent a lot of time on the computer. I think he was doing a lot of on line chat with his friend Ryan. Tyler said they were best friends and that not having him around was the worst part of being here. The computer at least helped a little for them to keep in touch.

As things relaxed some, I began to appreciate Tyler a lot more. He was a great looking kid. I don't know how I was blessed with having three gorgeous adolescents around me but I did and I wasn't fighting it. Tyler was actually six foot three but slight of build which didn't make him chunky. I enjoyed watching him in the pool as much as Cody and Tommy. He was obviously more mature but he still retained a boyishness in body. His waist size and length of leg were the same as I discovered when we bought his wetsuit, 34 inches each. His chest was smooth but well defined, nickel sized nipples that stood at attention when he was in the water or cold. His stomach was flat and tight. There had been no opportunity to know what assets he had hidden under his jeans but from the size of the bulge, I guessed that it might be substantial.

So things went on peacefully until late one night after I'd already gone to bed. For some reason at about two in the morning, Cody got up and wandered into the family room. While he was fumbling around in the dark, he noticed the glow of the computer from the den. The machine faces away from the door so you don't automatically notice someone is coming. Innocently, Cody walked into the room thinking that Tyler had left the monitor on.

I heard the shouting and screaming instantly and was out of bed in a flash.

"You fucking little shit, you were spying on me!" Tyler was shouting.

"I wasn't Tyler!" Cody pleaded.

"What the fuck do you call it then, you lying sack of shit!" Tyler was enraged.

"I though you left the computer on!" Cody shouted backing away from the threatening boy. "Chill out man!"

I launched myself between them, flipping on the light. "What the hell is going on here?" I demanded.

"Go ahead you little rat, tell him!" Tyler almost cried through his shout.

Cody looked at me with frightened eyes but communicated something else too. "Nothing, Dad," he said.

"Nothing my ass!" I was shouting. "You guys scared the shit out of me! Now what's going on?"

Tyler was silent, breathing hard. If I hadn't been so frightened and angry I would have stopped to notice how his jockeys hugged his pouch of boyhood. I didn't notice the small wet spot on them either.

"Dad," Cody pleaded, "It's okay. I just surprised him that's all. I thought he left the computer on but he was in here surfing the net. He thought I was spying on him. I didn't mean to!"

"What the fuck were either one of you doing up at this hour anyway?" I demanded.

"I was getting a glass of water," Cody said.

Tyler relaxed looking at Cody in a strange way. "I couldn't sleep so I just thought I'd go on line for awhile," he said.

"Is this over?" I asked.

"Yeah," they both agreed.

"Well then get your butts back to bed and try not to wake half of Del Mar again, okay?" I asked.

Tyler shutdown the computer which was on a screensaver at the time. Then both boys marched back to there respective rooms. I waited for the doors to close before I finally went back to my room. It took me about fifteen minutes before I could go back to sleep.

In the meantime, neither Cody nor Tyler were able to sleep. Tyler silently crept down the hall to Cody's room and opened the door.

"You awake?" he whispered.

"Yeah," Cody answered.

"Why'd you do that, with Jeff I mean?"

"There wasn't any reason to tell him," Cody said softly.

"You could have blown me right out of here though," Tyler said sitting on the edge of Cody's bed.

"I didn't want to," Cody answered.

"Why not?"

"We all look at pictures sometimes," Cody answered.

Tyler sighed deeply, "Not boys."

Cody sat up. "Tyler, do you like boys, is that what's bothering you?"

"You're not going to tell are you?"

"May as well," Cody quietly laughed.

"What?" Tyler said in confusion.

"Jeff, Tommy and me?" Cody said, "We all like boys."

"What?" Tyler said again.

"Am I speaking a foreign language here, dude?" Cody asked.

"You mean ‘like' like I was looking at?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah man, like what you were looking at. You should see Jeff's collection!"

"Wow. Hey man, you are totally cool. I liked you that first day, I was just too pissed to say anything."

"Yeah, well you weren't getting any rave reviews from this side of the stadium but you got better," Cody said.

"Thanks. I guess I'd better go back to bed now," Tyler said.

"Yeah, I guess," Cody responded.

"Thanks again, man," Tyler said patting Cody's arm. Tyler got up to leave.

Cody couldn't resist. "From what little I saw, you got a pretty nice dick!"

Tyler laughed quietly. "We've got to talk tomorrow."

"You bet, Tyler. Good night," Cody yawned.

"See ya kid - thanks again" Tyler closed the door and went back to his room.

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